The Female's Orgasm and Masturbation Evolution

The history of female orgasm and masturbation always create controversy. In the past, people believed that women's orgasm had an evolutionary purpose, and if they can't have it, they couldn't make babies. The clitoris also taken to be considered as second raze, even by Sigmund Freud, who said that masturbation is a universal phenomenon in childhood and, for little girls, the loading erogenous zone in their bodies is the clitoris; in order for the transition to womanhood to be successful, the clitoris must abandon its sexual primacy to the vagina.

Freud also told that if this transition wasn't complete, the woman would remain clitoralIy-oriented and psychosexually immature. For the psychoanalyst, women were mutilated males and inevitably have sexual inferiority. This thought made the man's penis central to a woman's sexual satisfaction. Another studies, like the Stephen Jay Gould's book "Male Nipples and Clitoral Ripples", explain that the clitoris exists in a female body for the same reason that nipples exist in a male body, and the clitoris are the 'same' organ in men and women, because they have the same embryological origins.

For this reason, the author defends that women can have orgasm because men can. Almost all sexologists agree that the earliest human females have discovered the orgasm during masturbation, on their own, for pleasure, and not for reproduction. The biggest problem to get an orgasm, for women, is their own ignorance of the anatomy involved. The majority of pleasure for almost all women is through friction onto the clitoris. Only certain women can achieve orgasm through vaginal insertion.

These last ones mention that they have intense vaginal orgasms, without clitoral stimulation. Many doctors, however, have claimed that vaginal orgasms do not exist. Recent discoveries support this theory and showed that the clitoris is bigger than people imagined, and it extends inside the body, around the vagina. This is contrary of the Freud theories but, while he didn't provide evidence supporting this basic assumption, the consequences of the theory were greatly elaborated thereafter.]


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